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Deepwater-Energy BV as supplier of clean energy innovations, wants to be a discussion partner in the conversation how the clean energy targets can be reached. We plea mainly for hydroelectric power as new solution for energy. The best solutions are usually simple; why not make use of the power of this vast quantity of water in an extraordinary environment friendly manner. Deepwater-Energy BV innovates and produces straightforward, durable hydroelectric installations, to utilize as much as possible the potential of low decline currents worldwide with a positive yield without any disadvantage to natural beauty.

The core values of Deepwater-Energy BV are power, sustainability and clarity.

The Oryon Watermill is a strong and efficient product which as waterpower generator is placed in an inexhaustible energy source. The greatest strength of the plant is its quality. Deepwater-Energy BV maintains quality orientation in all facets and has constant incentive to improve its own products. Our strength also is the confidence we have in our own products. The Oryon Watermill delivers the possibility to generate clean, renewable energy on locations where it was not possible previously. We would like to become a major player on the international energy market, which until now is dominated by ‘gray’ energy suppliers.

The need to switch to clean and renewable energy is well known. The subject ‘sustainable energy’ is high on the political agenda, but the majority of the households worldwide uses energy from fossil fuels. It is not much different worldwide. ‘Gray’ electricity is burdensome on the environment while sources become exhausted. Deepwater-Energy BV endeavors the use of nature’s power. Literally ‘to go with the flow’ by generate energy in free currents without ‘artworks’. By acquiring an own place on the energy market, we see other clean energy developers and suppliers not as competitors, but as comrades for a durable and cleaner World.

The Oryon Watermill as a new water power system, generates clean and fresh energy. Deepwater-Energy BV guarantees a transparent way of communication. We aim on excellent customer relations. We aim also on personal approach, brief lines of communications, quality orientation and competitive pricing. Deepwater-Energy BV means fair dealing: excellent workmanship and fair pricing. Achieved results will be reinvested in the development of new projects as well as in the distribution of awareness that it is essential to make use of natural resources in a sensible way.

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