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Always energy everywhere.

The Oryon Watermill is a modular build hydropower plant, which can be adapted to your specific water flow profile.

But does it float?HOW DOES IT WORK?

Oryon Watermill focuses on one of
the biggest challenges of our time:

affordable and sustainable energy out of
low head hydro power.

Multiple Applications

Whether it is an application in a dam, free flow or tidal energy, the Oryon watermill always has a suitable solution.

Whether it is an application in a dam, free flow or tidal energy, the Oryon watermill always has a suitable solution.

Tidal Range

The Oryon Watermill is the ultimate solution for generating electricity from low head tidal ranges.

The innovative self-starting turbine design maintains the same rotation direction regardless of the flow direction. 

Besides tidal ranges the device can also be deployed for tidal currents.

Free Flow

In remote areas, decentralized energy generation is a key solution, generating energy close to the consumer in combination with a local smartgrid.

The Oryon Watermill Twin Cat system provides 24/7 electricity generation for off / on grid communities.

The innovative design with modulair ballast tanks, the installation is operational within 48h without the need for extensive civil structures.

The Twin Cat can be transported over land and water. Service and maintenance can be done locally and the system can be monitored via the internet.

Forced Flow

In places where water levels are controlled by weirs, there is an abundancy of available energy. 

The Oryon Watermill, suitable for head
above 1m is the most efficient and 100%
fish-friendly solution up to a fall height of 5 meters. 

This affordable hydropower solution makes use of the available civil structures.


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In the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands Deepwater Energy is constructing a 500 EKW maximum installed capacity behind an existing weir, without infricting the current civil structure.

The 2 units of 250 EKW can easily be installed and removed from the weir. The  system will be commissioned this year, providing 500 local households of sustainable energy.

TTC Grevelingendam

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Within the province of Zeeland the Tidal Technology Center Grevelingendam was established, a 1 MW Oryon Watermill unit is being installed and will be operational in the beginning of 2021.

This project demonstrates here that economically viable low head tidal electricity can be  produced without harming the environment.

The device is  fish-friendly and this installation il be the first commercially viable technology for ocean energy developers.


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 In collaboration with the local community, the first off-grid Oryon Watermill will be installed in the first half of 2020 in Suriname.

All civil works are completed and the turbine is manufactured and  ready to be installed.

This dam application will provide affordable and sustainable energy during all seasons.

Oryon Watermill Twin Cat

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For generating energy in rivers at remote communities, Oryon Watermill has developed a semi-submersible installation that can generate affordable and sustainable energy, both on and off grid, in free flow with minimal civil requirements.


Always an affordable (LCOE) levelized costs of energy!


100% fish friendly and can be installed with minimum civil works in river locations and thus a minimum impact on local environment.


By its easily adjustable diameter and height, the vertical axis Oryon Watermill will always fit your location.

Always, everywhere

24/7 predictable reliable energy, always energy everywhere!


worldwide delivery

Global goals

With the Oryon Watermill, we generate 100% fish friendly, sustainable and renewable energy out of flowing waters. With a minium impact on the local environment, always a tailormade solution for affordable, predictable and renewable energy.

In addition to the local exploitation of energy and the provision of 24/7 sustainable energy in rural areas, Oryon Watermill strives to have as many components as possible of the hydropower plant produced and assembled locally.

Thereby contributing next to 24/7 afforable energy also to local employment and by training local people to install, build, maintain and also to operate the hydropower plants by Oryon Watermill high standards for quality and safety.

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